NEWS 2018           Updates: 04.03.2018
4.3.2018 IDS Zielona Gora PL
Ulises Dream of joy - Excellent 1 CAJC PL !!
Congratulations !!
Pathfinder Dream of joy "Trader" living in USA - hips results: Good !!
Congratulations to him owner.
3.3.2018 Regional Dog Show České Budejovice
Devil's Smile Dream of joy - winner class:
Excellent 1 Class winner, Regional winner !!
Nika's Show Ki-Wee - open class:
Excellent 1 Class winner, Regional winner, BIG 3 !!
Border collies:
Winner Buddy Dream of joy - young class: Excellent 1 Winner of young class !!
Quiet Killer Nebeský sen - puppy class: Very promising 1 !!
Tyra Dream of joy - young class: Excellent 3 !!
Thank you all our friends for very nice day. :) 
22.2.2018 Testing
Adaike Polední kámen PRA/CEA/KAT/Glaucoma - NEGATIVE !! owner: Nebeský sen kennel
Tyra Dream of joy - PRA/CEA/KAT/Glaucoma - NEGATIVE !!
18.2.2018 NDS Bratislava
Uno Milagro Dream of joy - Excellent 2 - young class
Congratulations !!
We have new "H" litter of papillons !!
We have two tricolors girls born: 15.2.2018, parents:
Adrasteia Mrs Pink Dream of joy X Kosmos von den Kolibris

Walking relax day Kiss, Cru, Tyra, Majký

We welcome our first puppies this year,
which was born tonight as our "A2" litter Dream of joy.
Parents: Import USA Heronwood My Cricket Boy 
Import Hungary Bordergaurad Somebody to love
We have 6 healthy and all black-white puppies (4x boys + 2x girls) !!
First time on this world.

News from testing:
on this old photos:
Night Rider Dream of joy - HD B/B, EB 0/0, OCD Negative !!

Relaxing weekend with friend !!
Papillons and puppy boc:

Border collies:

Testing: T-Rex Dream of joy
HD B/C, EB 0/0, OCD Negative !!
Our guest Rayma Nebeský sen + Selen + Hany

Sunday walking with friend!

New video our "Z" puppies!
Boy Zeus Dream of joy is available for sale !!

Happy new !!
Triss Dream of joy - HD A/A, EB 0/0, OCD Negative !!
parents: For You Dream of joy X Wendevick Keepsake
Congratulations her owner !!
13.1.2018 NDS Brno 
Ulla Tari Dream of joy - first time on show - Very promising 1 !!
from 8 girls in this class !!
parents: Floa Nebeský sen X Qeltynn The Joker
Thank you for presentations  and congratulations her owner !!
New video our "Z" puppies !!

Happy News:
We are expect litter A2... Dream of joy !!
Our Sam (Borderguard Somebody to love) is PREGNANT !!
Father of puppies will be Cricket (import USA, live in Hungary Heronwood My Cricket boy).
9.1.2018 Testing in České Budějovice
Alla Diamond Dream of joy and Hachiko Dream of joy -
PRA/CEA/KAT/Glaucoma - Negative !!
Tyra Dream of joy - HD A/A, EB 0/0, OCD Negative !!
I'm so happy. :)
Happy News :)
Our young boy living in USA has new health testing:
Panthfinder Dream of joy "Trader" is MRD1, IGS, DM - NEGATIVE !!
Congratulations him owner.
First time in garden, our "Z" litter puppies.