NEWS 2021          Updates: 09.06.2021

Our puppies get dry food Best Breeder Grain Free.
Our dogs get fresh meat.


We are planning new litters Border Collies and Papillons in new year 2021.

Happy healthy new:
Original of Tennant has new DNA tests and she is:

Summer day

We have new puppies of Papillons from litter "L" 2 boys + 3 girls.
parents: Premier League Daydream Believers X Nika's Show Ki-Wee
Puppies are not for sale.

New healthy results
Jumpy Dream of joy - testing patella 0/0 !!

1.5.2021 Mladá Boleslav

Our NEW studs:

Hakuna Matata Dream of joy
(Clan-Abby Nz Tartan Piper X Floa Nebeský sen)

I'm Stark Dream of joy 
(Talisman Boy Dei Rovi Fioriti X Ulla Tari Dream of joy)

Jumanji Dream of joy
(Due Parchi Pic Pockey Crocodile Dundee X Janasteisha Dream of joy)

After many thinking about... we said YES again and welcomed two Pomeranian girls.

Our litter "U2" come 30.03.2021 !!
We have 4 girls and 3 boys.
parents: Underworld Dream of joy X Mystery Dream of joy

Puppies are RESERVED !!

NEW happy healthy results
Jumanji Dream of joy - HD A, Elbow 0/0, OCD Negative, SA 0, PL 0/0 !!

Our litter "T2" come 23.03.2021 !!
We have 2 brown girls, 1x black girl and 2x black boys.
parents: Kiss for you Nebeský sen X Cobain Clone Junior Elegant Rascal

Puppies are RESERVED !!

NEW DNA results
Extravagant Dream of joy is
DNA CEA, TNS, NCL, MDR1, IGS, SN, RS - Normal, GG - Carrier !!

Clinical eyes testing
Original of Tennant - PRA/CEA/KAT/Glaucoma - NEGATIVE !!
Jumanji Dream of joy - PRA/CEA/KAT/Glaucoma - NEGATIVE !!

Chaos, Jumpy and Vinky Dream of joy + their friend Štefka
This video is from their owner.

Our puppies are 2 weeks old.

Relax day :)

Our winter dog's garden

Walking with dogs

On monday 18.1.2021 was born our first litter in this year.
Litter "S2" are: 2 black-white boys + 2 brown-white boys + 1 brown-white girl.
parents: Janasteisha Dream of joy X IMPORT Hungary Yonder Oaks Karouso


She was my first border collie. She was the founder of this kennel.
She was the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother
of many dogs from our kennel who live around the world.
We miss you...

NEW Results:
Hurricane Dream of joy - live in Montenegro
HD A, Elbow 0/0, OCD Negative !!